Activate Your Female Power is designed for...

Conscious, courageous, committed women who are ready to join a global network that’s dedicated to living the sacredness of their female bodies - for their own spiritual evolution and that of Mother Earth.

My Invitation to You

My dream is a global network of women dedicated to living the sacredness of our female bodies, so that male female balance is restored in our world. This is a BIG dream - too big for me to hold on my own. So if you hear the call to hold this vision with me, then thank you for your YES!

I believe every woman has inside her a unique contribution to planetary healing and evolution.

As a microcosm of Earth’s macrocosm, the female body is the repository of an exceptional form of spiritual power that becomes a potent form of biological leadership when activated. Our bodies are our most intimate connection with Nature. This program is a guided journey into that intimate connection, regardless of life stage or fertility status.

So if you feel a YES to my vision, please join me in this program. I can't do it alone but I know we can do it together.

Ultimate benefits of this program:

  • Gain detailed knowledge of your body’s superb design  
  • Appreciate your femaleness as an absolute gift
  • Heal trauma, shame, abuse, self-loathing and negative body image
  • Develop an intimate loving connection with your body
  • Learn accurate knowledge of your sexual anatomy
  • Enhance your sexual pleasure by collaborating with the divine design
  • Find, reclaim and embody your sacred female power
  • Enjoy a reciprocal, rewarding relationship with Mother Earth
  • Awaken your biological leadership and embody your Mother Bear authority 
  • Discover how your female power supports your unique evolutionary contribution to the collective

Sharon Invites You to Activate Your Female Power

Module 1

Being Female in a Male Dominant World

In this Module, we explore what it’s like to be female in a patriarchal society where women’s bodies are seen as a liability. Although it seems ‘normal’, it hasn’t always been this way. Let’s see what it was like in pre-patriarchal times when the female body was revered as sacred. We look the beginnings of patriarchy – when and how did that happen? What is the role of feminism in reclaiming the sacredness of our female bodies? We consider the importance of respecting sexual differences and the imperative to restore male/female balance on our planet.

Module 2

Sex Determination and Sex Differentiation

This Module explores how we begin life as female. We delve into intracellular life, looking at chromosomes, DNA and genes, as well as the processes of cell division – mitosis and meiosis. We see how the sperm carries the deciding factor in sex determination and we follow the miraculous process by which sperm and egg find each other to ignite the formation of a new individual. We then explore the fascinating process by which a human embryo differentiates into male or female - a process with three distinct windows of development that build in diversity. We consider gender as a spectrum, rather than a binary, and the fact that our sameness precedes our difference.

Image Credit: Alan Handyside

Module 3

The Ovaries and Uterine Tubes

Here we explore our ovaries as spiritual powerhouses! We look at their dual role as hormone producers and egg receptacles, and at the close relationship between our ovaries and our brains. We discover the unique characteristics of the egg cell, its majestic beauty and its spiritual significance. Then we look the ‘arms’ of our reproductive system, the uterine tubes, which connect the ovaries with the body of the womb – and how they dance their way through the menstrual cycle. Like an underwater garden, the tubes play a crucial role as the site of fertilisation. We reflect upon their astonishing mobility, intelligence and intrinsic openness to loss.

Image Credit: Arjun-Kapoor

Module 4

The Uterus

The uterus is the organ par excellence that captures, incarnates and expresses female spirituality. In this Module, we explore the dizzying heights and profound depths of the womb! We look into the cleverness of its design, including the cervix, which almost deserves to be respected as a separate organ in its own right. We explore the alchemy of this place of gestation, labour and birth, and marvel at its exceptional power and strength. As the space of the Divine Matrix which provides the scaffold for new human life to take form, the womb is seen as the seat of power and authority for a woman in many cultures. A place of paradox and mystery, the womb is the human expression of the fecundity and sacredness of the Earth.

Image Credit: Janko Ferlic

Module 5

The Vagina and the Vulva

This Module takes us on a guided tour of our genital anatomy. We discover the exquisite design of the vagina, which is geared towards pleasure, including the G-spot and female ejaculation. We look at the boundary penetration it affords us and the need for discernment and clear boundaries. And we consider the symbolism of the vagina as gateway into the world, a sacred portal. We then explore the intricacy and inexhaustible diversity of the vulva, with its array of erectile and engorgement tissue, glands and nerve supply that are designed purely for pleasure – nothing else!

Image: Aboriginal cave art of vulva

Module 6


In this module, we explore how menstruation is a body process inscribed with meaning and that in Western culture, it’s been associated with shame, embarrassment and the profane. We look at the remarkable physiology of menstruation and how excruciating pain is not the design. We dismantle the dishonouring of PMS and normalise the heightened sensitivity of the pre-menstruum as one of the spiritual gifts of our bleeding. Then we consider how we can transform our perspective to go beyond the cultural shame into an experience of menstruation as a deeply spiritual practice.

Image Credit: Margaret Kalms

Module 7


As the microcosm of Earth’s macrocosm, our female body is the repository of an exceptional form of spiritual power that, when activated, can become a potent form of biological leadership. At this critical turning point in the history of our planet, the world needs our activated female presence as never before. There is an urgent need to restore the balance of male female energies and to move into a partnership model of social organisation that cares for Mother Earth as our top priority. We explore some practical ways of making that change and bring the program to completion.

Give yourself the GIFT of this deep dive into the amazing power hidden inside your beautiful female body! And activate your biological leadership to be part of the solution.

"Sharon has, through her seven-part program Activate Your Female Power, done exactly that. She has created a platform that is a powerful resting place; a safe supportive container to honour our most sacred seat of authority and magic. I experienced a profound actualisation and embodiment of inner teaching, of understanding my body with such reverence as to just how powerful my intuitive womb knowing truly is. I highly encourage anyone to do this course and spend as much time as you can with Sharon!"


Sensuality and dance coach

"From the first words of Sharon’s Introduction, we know we are in safe hands. Her knowledge-base covers feminist theories, as well as biological and spiritual perspectives. We know she will keep all these important facets of life as female in mind throughout her book. In the years I have known Sharon, I have been witness to her exquisite and meticulous scholarship, and her beauty of mind and heart which glows in her physical presence. Our conversations have given mutual strength as we each attend the embodiment of femaleness."


Jungian Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor, Couples Therapist

"Sharon is highly educated in the fields of psychotherapy, human physiology (particularly of childbirth, menstruation and the stress response) and theology, including the teachings of diverse spiritual traditions. She is a gifted educator and researcher, and a wise counsellor for people from every walk of life, complemented by the wisdom of lived experience. Sharon is a Wise Woman in every sense of the word. She is diligent and creative, sober and joyful, irreverent and deeply respectful of the sacred, nurturing and assertive, wise and playful."


MBBS, BSc(Med), FRACGP, Grad Dip Rural MMH (Psychotherapy), FASPM


International author and speaker, Sharon Moloney, PhD, has spent a lifetime exploring these issues. As a women’s health practitioner and clinical hypnotherapist, she’s supported hundreds of women to understand their fertility, love their bodies and transform menstruation into something they value. In her book and in this program, she shares her discoveries about the power, beauty and unique spirituality of the female body.