Welcome to my course portal!

My school is like the Hogwarts for wild women! A portal into a magical space where you get to revel in the mystery and unlock the amazing power that's yours - simply by virtue of the fact that you were born female.

Inside this portal, you'll find a combination of scientific facts paired with mystery. Input that brings to life the absolute wonder of being female. Explanations of complex information in easy-to-digest forms.

You'll also gain access to activations and meditations that will re-code your body, so the information is transformed into an embodied, cellular experience. As you move through the layers or digest the new material, you'll anchor it into your body and accelerate the process of transformation. And in the process, it's very likely that your evolutionary impulse - the thing that only you can contribute - will be turbo-charged!

Here is the simple alchemy of harnessing the natural workings of the female body and its power to seed our life and creations.

Here is the story we have never been told, yet long to hear. 

"Sharon Moloney has long been dedicated to bringing forth the sacredness of women’s bodies and the importance of female biology in personal identity and as a gift to the world — the gift of life. In a time when people are becoming more and more mechanized and detached from the body, this book brings us back to earth, reminding us we are part and parcel of nature."


Artist, healer, teacher, author of “Shakti Woman” and “The Double Goddess” and co-creator of “Motherpeace Tarot Cards and Playbook”

"Sharon Moloney has a wealth of knowledge and an impressive depth of understanding about the female body, developed over decades of ground-breaking work in both academic and practical contexts. In this illuminating book, she combines scientific research with the spiritual context of women’s embodiment, offering the reader a profound awareness of what it means to be born female."


Author and menstruation consultant

"Sharon has, through her seven-part program Activate Your Female Power, done exactly that. She has created a platform that is a powerful resting place; a safe supportive container to honour our most sacred seat of authority and magic. I experienced a profound actualisation and embodiment of inner teaching, of understanding my body with such reverence as to just how powerful my intuitive womb knowing truly is. I highly encourage anyone to do this course and spend as much time as you can with Sharon!"


Sensuality and dance coach

Hi, I’m Sharon and I'm delighted you found your way here.

As a women’s health hypnotherapist and educator, I see women chafing against their patriarchal conditioning all the time – through menstrual pain, fertility problems, fear of birth, birth trauma, sexual abuse, body shame, sexual repression, low self-worth, or a feeling that there’s something really wrong with them. Beneath all these experiences is a cultural denigration, even a profaning, of the female body. This must stop! The female body is SACRED and my mission is to restore the sacredness of the female body to the planet. My courses are created explicitly with this intention. So as you engage with them, you are healing yourself and Mother Earth.

Women are rising up to lead – because it’s our time. When we activate the enormous power residing in our bodies, especially our sexual and reproductive power, we shift out of our social conditioning and become a force to contend with. Our female body connects us to Mother Earth in a deeply intimate, personal way, and when we understand and embody that intimate connection, we're galvanised into action, into making our unique contribution. We become part of the solution. That's what this portal is all about, so if what I've shared resonates with you, come on board. Join our growing network of wild, unstopppable women, and let's do this!